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Friday, October 8, 2010

Libby's Make Over ?

 This is our Granddog, Libby.  She is approximately thirteen in people years.  She belongs to our daughter Gabby and her family.  She has been spending a month with us.  We call it  her doggy spa retreat.  Her family got a new much younger and much, much bigger, and much, much more active Vizla dog about a year ago.  Libby has been depressed ever since.  I can relate.  If my husband brought a new younger, peppier, wife home; I depressed; especially if, like Libby, I had no say in the matter.  Enter her wonderful human grandparents, Nana and PopPop.

She has returned to her former active self here.  She loved hunting through our huge yard, especially the "flower house".  Curtis is remodeling the "flower house" to house his John Deere lawn mower.  He and Libby have unearthed all manner of critters.  Libby loves her some critters.

Today her family is picking her up because Nana and Pop Pop are going on a trip next week.  So I decided she needed a make over to boost her spirits before returning.
 I decided if we got rid of her grey she would look like her younger self.  Here I am applying the hair color.  I choose golden brown as the color closest to her natural color.
 I was careful to include her tail so there would be no grey to give her away.
 Here she is waiting the processing time out in her den....aka cage.
This is how she looked after rinsing.  Hmmmmm......those racoon eyes are there because I didn't want to blind her by getting too close with the hair color.  Don't you think the white area looks a little like eyeshadow and gives her eyes a "lift".  I think so, too.

Well let me close this before her family arrives for the big reveal.  I'm not sure we'll be keeping Libby ever again.... oh well!.


Atir said...

Donnamo, You are an absolute howl. I thought makeover would be about Libby's new outlook on life chasing lizards in the dirt. No it was an extreme makeover. You can no longer tease me about Princess's Royal Ruff as I will now remind you of the Doggie Makeover Service you provided for this dog you love.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about Libby's makeover---that it would be her new and improved attitude and mood. You did a real makeover, though! That is so cute...and a little weird. What a lucky dog to have human grandparents like y'all!

Donnamo said...

Well, I am glad you two were able to see the brighter side of Libby's malformation... I mean transformation.
We are a little in shock, and I think she may be, too.

This will deifinitely be my children's justification for placement in the home file.
Step away from the haircoloring!
is my new mantra!

Donnamo said...

That last post was from daughter Gabby (Libby's owner) who has no sense of humor.

Her son Connor said the vet would probably put Libby down for free when he saw her. Awwww.....if you read about Libby's demise in be suspicious, very suspicious.

Anonymous said...

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linpoq said...

When I grow up, I want to be a grandmama just like you! Love my grandbaby! Love my 5 granddogs!!