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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh What a Weekend!

 Grandson Connor is going to be eleven this week so we celebrated Friday night.  He requested PopPop's Clemson Barbequed Chicken and eight layer chocolate cake.  He has his shirt off because he is very proud of his pec's (also his mother didn't want him to get BBQue Sauce on his shirt) He is wearing the way cool necklace he directed me to buy on line for his birthday.  I just follow directions as to what the grandies want for their birthday within my very nominal price range .
 Saturday we loaded three vehicles and enough food for his soccer team and their families to take to Sumter for his soccer game.
 Two dogs accompanied us.  Evidently I missed getting a picture of the van with the Vizula dog.
 This Connor's dad, an outstanding soccer player himself through high school having a snack to keep up his energy to coach his son through two games.  He is not the team coach but Connor's personal coach.
 The figure presiding over the food table (and fixing her hamburger after getting everyone else fed) is daughter Gabby.  The lady covered up from head to toe with the straw hat is Great Granny.
 The dogs, Cooper and Libby are chilling(?) out hoping for a hot dog or hamburger. Sorry girls, you know your parents' rule, NO TABLE FOOD.  You are not a Nana's anymore.
 At 8:15 AM this morning my Sunday School class began.  I had made pillowcases for them to paint a Bible verse on.   I  did this activity five or more years ago and still have the pillowcase on the bed in the grandson's bedroom  The paint does not come out.

 There was a third child, a boy who did not want to paint anything.  I provided and alternate activity for him.
While waiting for their parents to pick them up (a requirement in our church) the girl's played hangman.  This was the secret message.  (and yes it made my efforts worthwhile).  And Yes I did get a our Bible Story, verse, and lesson in......we didn't "just" paint pillowcases.


Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

Fun, fun weekend! Wow, y'all were busy with all that soccer AND time for crafts (I saw Gabby's blog with the finished project--too cute!)

I also admired the pillowcases in class today. You are very crafty. Me, not at all. I'm not a fun teacher, like you!

Also, WOW, Cooper is a very huge dog!

Enjoyed all these pics!

Donnamo said...

Mary B you are a great Sunday School don't have to be are godly!

Gabby said...

We had a great time, too. Thankfully, winning both games made it all worth it! I still haven't gotten the tailgating thing down to a science, but I have a feeling it will come with time and LOTS of practice.
He loved his cake and his necklace, and we enjoyed the whirlwind trip.
Litte Miss toted her project in with pride after we worked on it another hour or so last night pasting in pictures and making sure it was near perfect. She is still hoping none of the twig letters falls off the front (we re-glued some). Thank you for all your help. Glad you got a peek into our 'restful', soccer-filled weekends! I don't remember anything like that when i was a kid!
Have a great BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Donnamo said...

No our weekends were spent dashing to and from our lake house at Santee. We brought food for a whole weekend since there was no grocery store and usually brought another family with kids to play with you guys....but I am sure you don't remember all the work that went into giving you fun times at the lake.