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Friday, November 26, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had by All

 Well the Big Five Day Holiday began with celebrating our oldest Grandson, Michael's birthday. 
 Here he shows his eleven year old cousin, Connor, his Facebook page, a sure sign of adolescence.
 The girl cousins, Caitlin and Megan practice their cursive writing out in my studio.
 This is a small part of the Thanksgiving Evening Leftovers Crowd.  The Gamecock on the right was from the Boy's Home.
 The Big Event as far as the kids were concerned was the bonfire and S'Mores after dark.
 Son-in-law, Marty, helps Gates toast his marshmallows.  Gates ate about 18 before we lost count.  This was Gates first encounter with S'mores and marshmallow roasting.
 Then today instead of shopping us girls made a gingerbread house!
 Granddogs Libby and Cooper took a nap while the kids were at the movies.
Nana, Caitlin, and Megan worked on learning to thread the sewing machine and wind a bobbin before sewing some crafts.

We did do a little shopping at Belks but very little.  This was the first year Ashli didn't have a huge list we had to go to Florence to hunt for.  Boy am I glad.

Did you hit the sales?  Did you score any thing you want to tell us about?

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linpoq said...

I just love seeing the fam together.....would have liked to be there for the fire!!!!
NOOOOO shopping for me!