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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cooking and Playing with Donnamo

 Monday Hubs went off to play golf with his buddies at the beach so I invited Lucy over for a play date.  She (being the Y word (Yankee) did not know how to make Vegetable Soup!  She twisted my arm and I taught her.  Being the world renowned chef that I am.  I am thinking of sending a tape to the Food Network....I should have my own show....really.....I am all about incompetence in the kitchen.  Just ask Lucy who was trying to write down my recipe.
 But wonders never cease....the soup was good she stayed for a repeat at supper.  I also made cornbread from scratch for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER, I think.  I followed Hubs recipe kinda sorta... I added a little sugar and a couple eggs.  Lucy put homemade blackberry jam on it (I told you she was a Y key).
In between meals and naps we made Artist Trading Post Cards.  Hers are the first and last ones.  We had a great time creating these; so much so we are not mailing them to anybody!  Her first one of the flower with leaves....the flower came off the lace to my wedding dress.  How cool is that!  Women have been repurposing (my friend Joy said to call it that) since time began.....Generation X calls it recycling and think they invented it.

Tuesday MIL (Mother-in-Love) Edith and I went on a bus (I mean coach) trip with Kings Sunshine Tours to Myrtle Beach to the Alabama Christmas Show.  It was stupendous, wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, and any other wonderful adjective you can name.  I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself down there.  They will be presenting it until New Year's Day.  I have been before but this show was better than ever.

Well, That's All for Today Folks......think Woody Woodpecker's eh eh eh eh eh!


linpoq said...

Get out of the kitchen before you hurt yourself!!!
Love Alabama! Goin' to see Oak Ridge Boys Christmas this w/end.

Leah said...

Love the postcards! I have a couple I made myself that aren't going to anyone but me. I was even tempted to mail it to myself just to make sure.

The soup looks great and so does your table. Love the place mats and the table runner.