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Saturday, November 13, 2010

This Ol House Is Lookin' Better

 Last Saturday Hubs and I went to a an estate sale of items belonging to a dear friend's mother.  We went to say "Hi" NOT to buy.  Oh, well, we got some good items!  One was this table saw.  Hubs had been wanting one and $40 was in our price range (cheap) and he used it several times in our repair work this week. Score!

 OH, he also bought this awesome Silverado truck from another friend who was downsizing in the vehicle department.  This friend is Mr. Clean so the truck is pristine.  We had actually borrowed it last year when we needed a truck to pick up our hand crafted table from Charleston.  We frequently borrow another neighbor's  truck and decided it was time to buy our own.  We sold Hub's car, Chigger, within the first hour after we put it out on the lawn Saturday.  Score!
 In the midst of all our "house work" we took a hot dog/picnic break for lunch.  Hubs loves him some Hot Dogs....especially with his custom made chili.
 I scraped and painted the rail by the back door.  The salt ware crock broke when I drug it out so I could paint so we also re glued the crock.  I love the little goat planter Sallie gave me.....she looks very festive with the violas in her "hair".
 The we installed a rail to the right of our steps.  I had been wanting one ever since I noticed elderly visitors needing assistance coming up and going down our stairs.  Being cheap caused me to notice the one at our breakfast room stairs which is never used.  Hubs took that sucker down, I scaped and painted and we installed it in front. Score!
 This building was our daughter's over the top playhouse (which I think her mother wanted since daughter never played in it over two times).  We started using it as a "flower house" to keep all our yard tools in about thirty years ago.  When Hubs wanted a shed for his John Deere lawn tractor, ol cheapskate said, "re do the playhouse!"  He is painting the green trim and putting the finishing touches on it here.  (He took out the back window and wall and made two doors so that he could drive Mr. Deere in and out.)  Score!
We bought this lovely wrought iron yard ornament at the Estate sale.  It is the back drop to our new row of knock out roses and day lilies we put in this year.  I sanded and painted this baby.  It looked huge up at the house but our large English garden dwarfs it a bit; still I think it is a nice permanent addition to the garden. Score!

We also bought a farm bell at the sale.  I always wanted one but the two from Curtis grandparents farms went to other family members.  Curtis is adjusting it so I didn't get a picture; once again it was a very good buy.  I plan to use it to call Hubs in from the yard; "sometimes" he doesn't hear me call.  No excuses now. Score!

Its been a fun and hard week and we are pooped!  But we are off to pick up pecans for his mother who is under the weather.

Have you been doing any "house work"?  Do you need to?


Anonymous said...

That is A LOT of sanding and painting! Good job!

As you know, housework, both inside and outside, is neverending. But I tend to leave the outside stuff to George! Which sometimes doesn't get done when he's working a crazy schedule like he is now.

Cool deal on that new-to-you truck! George needs to find a deal like that.

linpoq said...

Love the truck! And did you put up that front railing for this elderly person??
Y'all get some rest now!