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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heavenly Hugs

This morning during my devotion time, I had the neatest conversation with God. 

Me:  God, will I get to hug you in heaven?

God: Of course!

Me:  And Jesus?

God:  Sure!

Me:  And Paul?

God: Absolutely!

Me: And Martha and Mary? And David?  And Peter? and Ruth?

God: All of us!

Then I got a mental image of a long receiving line with all the people I love from the Bible in it.  I get to hug each one and tell them how much they have meant to me through the years.

And that will be Glory for me :)

Who would you want to hug in heaven?


Gabby said...

Paul and I have been through so many rough times together. Him, definitely. But I gotta say my great grandmother, Mama, because I just feel in my spirit that will be a moment of unbrideled joy the likes of which aren't possible this side of heaven.

What an awesome quiet time. I had mine with a 44 pound dog between me and the Bible, and that was not my ideal quiet time, but God is always good enough to speak to me despite that.

Anonymous said...

I love this glimpse of heaven! God and Jesus are first on my list to hug, followed by all of my grandparents, and my father-in-law who died a year before I met George.