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Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now the Fog is Gone!

 This is my friend Lucy, aka Rita, on the left showing her mighty Kimona Quilt.  Can you tell how beautiful it is and how huge?  This is the first quilt she ever started.....Lucy believes in starting at the top and working her way down :)  She has made others in the meantime but this is her piece de resistance.  You should have heard the quilt guild members owwww and ahhhhhhh....they know a masterpiece when they see one.
 One of our members, named Boppy, turned 80 this week.  She shared this little "girl" named Gloria that her greatgranddaughter made for her out of a sock!  The greatgranddaughter said Gloria is wearing one of her many gorgeous pairs shoes.....evidently Boppy has a bit of a shoe fetish and Gloria does as well :)   
My dear, dear, Hubs spent the last two weeks putting five new sliding glass doors in my studio.  The title of this blog alludes to my formerly foggy windows.  I added this room on our house around 1982 when I inherited this oriental rug from my parents' estate.  I used the money I got to build a room for the rug. which I called The Gates Room after my parents.  I really don't know why I thought I needed more room in my already large house but I got the bee in my bonnet and it was all she wrote.

We aren't sure why almost all the sliding glass doors all lost their seal over the years but they have been on our to do list for a l-o-n-g time.  We have three more to do but now that it has turned cold I told Hubs to wait for Spring.  When I retired and started quilting I began sewing in my laundry room (it was my children's nursery once upon a time and is pretty good sized.).  Once day the bright idea occurred to move my sewing operation to the Gates' Room, aka my studio was born.  I love looking out of all the glass and opening the doors on a pretty day.

That is my latest quilt, Nearly Insane, lying to the left of the table.  I am only through with making half the blocks....... when I finish I will call it "Completely Insane."

Any thing making you "Nearly Insane"?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....define the term "Nearly Insane". I think I might qualify in several different categories!

So, the Gates room was nearly new when I came along in your family in 1984 ;-) I've always loved that room. What a perfect studio!

Atir said...

After consulting with my own personal "this old house" expert, donnamo, notice the word house, He told me that the older sliding glass doors have a gas inside them that creates insulation and when the seals (rubber stuff around the door)gets old they leak and fog. I know what you are thinking. My next question is does that mean that my glass doors will also fog and leak eventually. The answer was maybe, maybe not because they are doing a better job with the sealents and besides I was told I would be long gone before it happens.

I love the Gates Room. It just a testament to you that even though this room is large it is the most wonderful room in your home filled with the crafts, the quilts, the children's corners and artwork and the comfy sofas and chairs. I can just imagine Christmas time with the family in that warm sunlite room.

Gabby said...

That room was the setting for my infamously wonderful 7th grade party!! It was the talk of the town for years! Hayride and all!

I love that Daddy fixed your doors for you (sorely needed), and that you have a room dedicated to creativity. My little one brought home an awesome artwork piece that was selected and presented on Knightline at her school as the Assistant Principal's FAVORITE of the whole school! She was so proud!
I love the quilt by Lucy, she sure knows how to start BIG!
Great job Donnamo!
What drives me insane, soccer practice every night this week! Really? We just played a tournament all weekend!!!

linpoq said...

WoW!!! The new doors really look great in your "Grates" room....go Mr. Donnamo!