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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The "D" Word

No, NO, not that "D" word..... the word Depression.

I just wanted to bring that out of the closet.  I was diagnosed with depression when I was in college and have had several bouts with it in the years since.

Unless you know me WELL it is probably not a word you would ever associate with me.  Fun, Funny, outgoing, outrageous, exuberant, Princess of Laughter was what the Garden Club dubbed me.  And all that is true, thankfully, most of the time.

But every now and then a cloud comes over my sunshine and this is one of those times.

A few (hmmm maybe 25 or thirty years ago) I did go for help.  My OB-GYN told me to go back to work that I was bored at home.  And she was does help.  Having something else to put your mind on does keep me from obsessing over being depressed.

Later in another "funk" I realized exercise really helped.  So I know to get out every day and do some running to clean out my internal carburetor.  And that helps!

Still later my GP Doc prescribed an anti-depressant  and it has really worked extremely well for me.  Only downside is I NEVER cry....unless of course I am depressed.

Hopefully, my experiences will help if you have cycles of depression; at least you know "you are not the only one!"  (A tired old line Satan still uses effectively,)  Also now you know that even though my blog seems all sunshine and light..... there are times of darkness and sadness as well.

One more thing.  I have had counseling and will have it again.  I do think everyone should have a counselor they can turn to when things don't turn around or you can't find the way out.  As God says in Proverbs 15:22  "plans fail for lack of wisdom but with many counselors they succeed."

I can say there are some beneficial side effects to depression.  I am a much more compassionate, caring person when I myself am struggling.  Oh, and I definitely need the exercise :)


Gabby said...

Well I echo Atir in saying a good chat with a counselor is a great idea, and being a counselor myself, I kind of hope we stay in business.
Not making light of depression at all, but for almost anyone
I think it is natural to have some sadness after a big, fun holiday and fun trip with your exhuberant daughter (ahem).
Prayer with a healthy dose of medication and counseling is definitely my vote. And scads and scads of people love you VERY MUCH indeed.

Anonymous said...

You have done something very, very important: giving a voice and a face to depression. It is good for people to understand how real the big "D" is.

Get plenty of rest and do whatever you have to do to take care of yourself, even if it means doing very little and letting your hubby carry the load.

Loving you and praying for you,