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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Five Days or so Of Christmas

 These are the Girls of Christmas minus two who appear below. (L-R) Nana, Hannah, Caitlin and Niki
                                                  Granny (Age 94) and Ashli age (mmm not sure)
                  In the back the bigget Flocker of all with some small, medium, and extra large Flockers.
                  Otherwise known as Gates and Connor in front of Wayne and Marty....PopPop in the rear.
               The Beach Bums came off the beach for this pic.  We all taught together at Plainview.
                         Marcia Anderson, Sandy Traylor Lindsey, Me and Lesa Polson.
                            This was my holiday sewing project finished Christmas morning.

We did have SNOW Christmas night and it stuck around about 24 hours.  It is in the low twenties today but scheduled to get to 70 on Friday.... and that is what I love about the South :)

Our Monck's Corner Monkeys will be coming in Thursday to celebrate Christmas and New Years.  In the meantime I've been reading some good books that I stored up to read while the library is closed.

First up is Pat Conroy's My Reading Life.  I love Pat's writing.  In this book he tells about books that made a significant difference in his life.  Many I had read but not all.  Now I have a "to read" list.  These are heavyweight classics like Robert Ruark's The Old Man and The Boy, Wallace Stegner's Big Rock Candy Mountian and eight more.  I will keep you posted as I read them and let you know what I thought.

Yesterday I read Fannie Flagg's I Still Dream About You.  It was an enjoyable lightweight read.

I'm starting Peter Jenkin's Across China which I picked up at the library book sale.  I've read a couple others he wrote and liked them and thought this would be informative.

I will end with some quotes from Pat Conroy's Reading Life:

"the world of books was a sacred grove to him."         "I came as a thief to the poet's ball."

" though he were picking up a live jellyfish from a tidal pool."  "Hurt is a great teacher...maybe the

greatest of all."       " friendly as a cow turd on an altar step."  "She was quiet at a houseplant."

"Fame can be a killing thing."

And finally...."When I (Pat) pick up a book the prayer that rises out of me is change me utterly so I am not the man who first selected it.  Turn me into something else writers of the world."

Wow!  Are there books that have changed  YOU?  Tell me about them.

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Atir said...

I am reading a book called The Little Book, by Selden Edwards. There are many parts of this book I identify with and it makes me feel more cohesive as a person.

I am also listening to the No. 1 Ladies" Detective Agency by alexander Smith performed by Lisette Lecat. She is wonderful to listen too.