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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Atir said...

The smile box presentation was awesome.
MamaMia was awesome as well. A broadway show in NY should be on my bucket list forever.

Maramotsee aka ethel

Anonymous said...

Yippee! That was so much fun! Now I can say I've been to New York. Those pictures are so stylish, just like something out of a magazine. Glad you two are having a good time.

Gabby said...

So fun! Made me want to go, can not believe you drove through NYC, and survived! Wow!

The place looks so surreal! Love that you saw Momma Mia, had to be awesome! Have always wanted to go to Broadway and enjoy something there, but I think I will try warmer weather as I am a wimp!

Glad you are home safe? I assume!

Donnamo said...

MOm, got the code off, best I could do, if you want a new background you will have to go shop around and add one, Had to delete all the gadgets so you wouldn't crash.

Good luck!

linpoq said...

I thought you were something when I first saw Smilebox.....THEN I saw that you actually drove thru NYC!!!!! Boy, I'm impressed!!! Are you sure it's legal to drive and take pictures in the city??!?!?!