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Friday, January 21, 2011

God Loves Us SNOW Much!

Greetings from snowy Riverhead, New York!  Rita and I are on a housesit/road trip here.

They have been having snow pretty much nonstop since Christmas.  I can't upload my pics from my camera due to camera/computer incompatibility so I grabbed some off the internet.
If you look at the eastern most end of Long Island you will see a light house. This is Montauk.  We went there the other day and had 200degree views of the Atlantic.  No whales or seals showed up although they were advertised :)
We are in the town of Flanders which is about the size of Byrdtown, SC but Riverhead, NY is a couple miles west.  We found an awesome quilt shop there where we got a fabric/quilt fix :)

It is snowing as I write this.  Please pray it stops and we can get to our ride (The Hampton Jitney...a tour bus that runs back and forth to NYC) in Riverhead tomorrow am.

The home we are staying at is on the dead end of a road so it will not be plowed. YIKES!
There is a neighbor/friend of the home owner I can ask to take us to the Jitney and pick us up tomorrow night..  If you know Donnamo, you know I will not hesitate to ask her to do it.  Pray she will acquiesce! 

I am reading The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim, which I am loving.  It is set in Korea around 1900 when Korea was overtaken by Japan.  I missed that lesson in high school world history so it was news to me.  It is a fictionalized account of the author's mother growing up in Korea.  In that place and time women had no rights or education but the Japanese changed that and Najin, her mother, was able to get an education.  I am always amazed and awed at the way women were devalued and treated in the past in every country and culture I have read about except Christianity.  Jesus treated women with honor and respect over and over again in the gospels.  Now that I think about it, the Old Testament has a good record as well.  Abigail, Hannah, Sarah, Ruth, Deborah, Esther, etc.... are all examples of God's favorable opinion of women.

Hope to get some feedback from my faithful please leave a comment :)t

By the way, the title of today's blog came from a church sign in Hampton Bay.  Call me crazy but I don't think it will attract New Yorkers who are snowsick to that church :)


Donnamo said...

we are not house sitting, we are snow sitting


Gabby said...

Hi! I am thinking this is another wonderful adventure for Lucy and Ethel!

I hope that you got to go on your bus tour today, because snowed in isn't much fun no matter what it looks like 1 mile from your house, all you see is the inside!

Hope that the weather takes a brighter turn! How cool to see Montauk!

We are headed to Chucktown tomorrow for a short trip to get some 50 degrees and sunshine and seafood!

Be careful! Love ya, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wow....New York in January. Y'all are brave! Being snowed in is not so bad when you have lots of good books to read, which it sounds like you do. Hope and pray you can get out and see lots of sights. We just got back from Florida where it was sunny and 72 degrees and so much fun!

Gabby said...

I saw the weather this am was calling for a temp with wind chill of -4 degrees in the New York area, with possible snow tomorrow. I am hoping that you have gotten the heck outta there? Or have provisions?

Wow! What a winter! I am so glad I am a southerner. It was cold in Charleston, but nothing a big coat couldn't cure, and there was zero snow to deal with which made it more lovely!