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Monday, January 10, 2011

My favorite dog.

Once in a while there is a dog that comes into your life that is just a force of nature. A sweet, loving, soft, furry, loveable, big, red, affectionate dog.

This one came in as a grand-dog, but it is by far one of my all time favorite dogs.

I felt I needed to put a tribute up to express my love for Cooper, the Big Red Dog.

Cooper with his favorite toy!


Donnamo said...

Thank you dear daughter for my totally lovely new blog background!

And yes Cooper is one of my favorite dogs....he is such a good kisser how could he not be.

I also love the Libster!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Did Gabby ghost-write this post?

Cooper looks so sweet! My question--how can he have a favorite toy without tearing it to shreds? Because that's what Elmo does with his toys!! Everyone assures me that dogs like him stop their destructiveness when they are about 2yo, and Elmo is only 17 months. I hope!

Donnamo, love your new background!

Atir said...

come on , show the picture of you kissing the dog that made the columbia paper.