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Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Old Some New

Today I got this Artist Post Card from a person I don't even know from California.... a NEW friend!

I also worked on my Nearly Insane OLD project.

I also read some in my NEW book, Colonel Roosevelt.  It is the third book in a trilogy about Teddy Roosevelt's life.  Believe me he had a three book life if his last twenty years is any indication.  This book is on the NEW York Times Best Seller List.

Wednesday I got another book from the library, called Leaving Gee's Bend.  It is a YA Novel set in Gee's Bend Alabama in the 1900's.  Gee's Bend is a pennisula off the coast that is mostly reached by a raft that takes the people over to the mainland.  The women of Gee's Bend are famous for their quilts (Google them to learn more) which is why I was interested in reading the book.

The main character, Ludelphia Bennett, is a ten year old black girl who ends up saving the whole community. She is intent on making a quilt for her mother and keeps an eye out for any scraps she can find and add to her quilt.  One thing that spoke to me was how little these people had, especially cloth and thread for quilting.  Most quilters I know have drawers, cabinets, closets, and storage buildings full of material yet they buy more.  The women of Gee's Bend could not have even dreamed of such a wealth of fabric.  I hope I remember them and stay out of shops until I sew up the fabric I have!  That can be a resolution for the New Year.

I am also trying to get rid of the NEW pounds I put on over Christmas.... and then maybe a few of the OLD pounds as well.

I tried to put a NEW template on my blog but I failed.... so get used to the OLD one :)

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Donnamo said...

Well, now you have a bright new one. The best I could do, it took a sweet forever! I hope this will do. I like it because it is cheery and bright, and it has your quilt theme still hinted at.

Hope you enjoyed something NEW! It is a winter wonderland here! And athough we will now lose our long weekend I was so looking forward to, we are home in the snow for the day. Please pray as our heat has been worked on yesterday and is still iffy at times, not good in The Snow Storm of 2011~!
PS this is Gabby!