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Friday, April 22, 2011

From the Pan Handle to the Frying Pan

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Hubs and I decided to check out my second cousin's new condo in Panama Beach, Florida while I was out of school for the week.  We had never been to the Florida Panhandle.  Wowie!  These beaches made Hilton Head look downscale.

I was surprised at the waves there; but I guess the ocean causes them in the Gulf.  Also very smooth, white sand but no shells did I see.

On our way home our son called to tell us Granny's house had been broken into in the middle of the day.  Fortunately, she was out and about and didn't discover it until she returned home midafternoon.
Because she is a better hidder than they were burgler all they took was her flat screen television.  They did paw through her costume jewelry but alas they must not have been cross dressers.  We got  all 500 pair of earing paired back up today.  Hubs got the door so secure they will need an gatlin gun to get in the house next time.

The new bigger flat screen tv is installed and running.  Granny is still a little in shock so she is staying with us until she feels comfortable going home.

We are all praising God for his protection and mercy!  He is truly a Good God.... All the time!

Have you got anything to be thankful this Good Friday?


Gabby said...

Well, that is so upsetting that someone would break in to an elderly woman's house and scare her to death.

Bless her heart!

I am thankful that I am done working for the week (and I worked HARD), but that I am now with my family again and planning on getting some rest and relaxation the rest of the weekend.
I had some great meals, too. I will blog about later. Would love to hear more about Florida, too!

Anonymous said...

I looked at your photo album twice and only nine pictures are showing up. Is it just me? Glad you had a nice time in your beach paradise!

How terrible and scary for Granny. So glad she was not home when it happened. Hope she is feeling safe again soon.