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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post Number 299 Birthday Bash

 My Granddaughter Hannah celebrated her 12th B'day with us last night.  She asked Granny to make her a banana cake.
                                    Here are  her Mom and Brother eating dinner. (Gates has slaw hanging out of his mouth.)
                   Her creative Nana made a banner for the occasion :)
                                       She kindly allowed her Bubba to help blow out the candles.
                       She wanted to do the slicing.....and did such a good job she is now the official family cake slicer.
                                      She was nominated for this position by her paternal grandfather, Pop Pop, who said "this girl KNOWS how to slice cake"   He always asks for an acre size slice (you know he was a farmer) and she correctly estimated how much an acre of cake would be.

She is spending Friday with me and I have a surprise for her.....she is going to school with me!  This child came out of the womb wanting to be a teacher.  (I think that might be classified as a Birth Defect! LOL)
So she will love, love,love.....working with the kindergartners!

What kind of cake do you prefer?


linpoq said...

I always love seeing pictures of your beautiful family and getting updates!!!

Gabby said...

Any kind! Happy Birthday Hannah, enjoy your day of teaching!