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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother Daughter Tea Party

 Today the United Methodist  Women of Bethlehem United Methodist Church held a tea party for the women of the community.  The younger women did all the prep and let me tell you they know how to throw a party.  Almost everyone wore a hat.  After Friday's wedding of Kate and William, everyone was really into it.  This is a cousin, Dale Chapman Parker looking lovely in her chapeau.
                                          Another cousin Becky Warren Haire is looking lovely.
                                          This is Becky's daughter Lyvian  with her grandmother Mama Di.
                         Dianne Warren's hat looked like it might have been worn at the wedding yesterday.
                These two lovely young ladies purchased their fasionista hats at Roses.  Who knew?

            Several hats were of the fun variety.  Jennifer Marshall designed these for her mother, Joy, and niece Alana.  You can't see the garden implements on Joy's hat but trust me they were there.
Jennifer's had had file folders, a huge pen, and memo stand.....she works with her husband in their car painting business.  Due to the recent hail here they are overwhelmed with vehicles to be painted.  I told her she could go into hat designing if she had any spare time.  On the left you see Marie Gainey wearing her original wedding veil.

I should have photographed the refreshments as well.  Tea, tiny tea biscuits, pettifors, tiny cheese biscuits, chicken salad cups, and other delectables were served.

Have you ever been to a tea party?   Have you ever worn a hat?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, what fun! I haven't worn a fancy hat since I was in high school. I did go to a fancy tea party last fall and I loved all the tiny, delicate, delicious food.

Gabby said...

Baseball hat when I run in the hood with a brillo pad head of hair.

Lyvian IS Becky with straight hair!!

Fun, fun, fun! wHAT DID YOU WEAR?

Atir said...

We had an English Tea Party at Swamp Fox Quilters and enjoyed Scones, Cucumber sandwhiches and english Paper piecing.