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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm Blessed, I'm Blessed, I Am Blessed.....

 I had the privilege of having my grandson, Gates, with me Monday and Tuesday.  His mom, Niki, was preparing to take her liscensure exam.....(which, praise God she passed).  Gates wanted to go to school with me like his sister did.  Here he tries out the Star Student Seat!
 I couldn't resist taking a snap in front of this part of the mural I had painted when I was principal of Plainview.
 This is was taken at Niki's hooding ceremony in Columbia Friday.  300 master's degree of social work grads.....and we need every one of them....Amen?  Amen.
 Yesterday, hubs and I went on a birding expedition in Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge. The three ladies on the left are Candace Holcombe, Ronna Askins and Kaye McElveen.  Ronna, Kaye and I were all rare is that?
 This is hubs checking out one of the many ponds.  The green building is a photo shelter where you can hide and take pictures of the wildlife.  Our guide and teacher, Dr. Bill Alexander has taken many a picture here.  He is a teacher at the Governor's School for Math and Science which is located here in Hartsville.  I hope one of my grands will qualify to attend awesome opportunity...nice and close to Nana!
You can't see them but there are about two dozen bobolinks perched in these wildflowers.  They migrate here from Argentina on their way up to Canada for the summer.  They only come by in May and we were blessed to see them.

You can see why my soul sings, "I'm blessed, I'm blessed.... I am blessed!"  Truly God has been sooooo good to this orphan girl....He has met my every need and all of my is my honor to love and serve Him.

How has God taken care of you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, you brought to tears to my eyes with your last paragraph!

I love the mural you painted and I love the motto of your little school with the big heart! Sounds like y'all are a bit more humble than Peter's school, which is constantly proclaiming itself to be "The Best School In The Universe"! Humility is a good thing.

That's so sweet that you could take Gates to school with you. And congrats to Nikki on earning her master's degree. She has been and will continue to be such a blessing to the people she serves.

Gabby said...

God is taking care of me, but He has quite a bit of unfinished business to tie up around here!
Been one thing after another for as long as I can remember.
I know he is faithful, it is his nature, but I am definitely feeling weary at times! Summer can't come soon enought!