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Monday, June 6, 2011

God and Nature

 Hubs called me out to see this cool tree frog  yesterday.  He (?) was sitting just a few feet from where I normally sit an hour or two each day.  I am just blown away by the way God colored him to blend perfectly with the bark of this oak tree.  The more I see and learn about nature the more awed I am by the fact God is such a fantastic creator.
 These are the first blooms on some new daylillies we set out in our yard last year.  The neighbor we bought them from hybridizes them himself.  Again this points me to God....not only did He create many wonderful species but He created them in a way so that mankind can have some fun hybridizing them.

I also heard this piece of science on the radio this week.  God made tomato plants so they release a chemical when they are attacked by an insect.  This warns other tomato plants to respond as well and eliminate the pest.  What an awesome God!

Lastly, I wrote about my favorite books last week and today a podcast on Chris Fabry Live (Friday June 3 a list of books for children and young adults to read composed by a Moody English Professor.  I printed it to pass along to my grandchildren to guide them into good classic books to read.  You might want to do the same and if you haven't read some of them.....check them out..... at your local library :)

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Miss Piggy Bank said...

The frog is great x