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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Friends, Good Times, Good Memories

 Last night we were invited to our good friend Elbert Warren's 72nd birthday get together.  He and Dianne (pictured) are some of our best friends.  Their children, Robin, Bert and Becky are the ages of our children and grew up playing together and vacationing together.  It was so great to be with all of them as they threw a great fish fry for their Dad's b'day. They retold memories of their escapades with our family ! 
 The second oldest granddaughter, Caroline, led the children in a song they made up to honor Elbert.
 She even got the older girls to participate.  The building we are in is a huge metal structure where they hold family gatherings etc.  All Elbert's children have chosen to build houses around a pond that was their grandfather's.  Each family has golf carts and the kids roam around on them like they are at a campground.
This is Robin's husband Robert.  My first time being with him; what a fun guy and he makes some righteous onion rings and french fries.

One of the perks of aging is getting to see your own children and your friend's children grow up and raise their children.  Elbert's children did all the use to be Elbert and Hubs frying the fish while Dianne and I made all the sides.....very nice to sit back and be the guests!

What have you been up to lately?

1 comment:

Gabby said...

Sounds like a fun walk down memory lane!

Would have loved to have seen everyone!

I have been at the beach, but forgot my camera. What a blogger no no!
We had a glorious time, but it is back to reality today. BOO!