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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

North to New Port

Today Hubs and I took off North to Newport, NH.  We took a scenic route instead of interstate and were well rewarded by picturesque sights.  We came upon the lovely campus of New England College....a kind of Coker College of the North.  In a small town, except a river runs right by the college and they even have a covered bridge.

29-01-02 Belknap County, Tannery Hill

On the left is the covered bridge near Newport!  And guess what was on Main Street?

A wonderful quilt shop!  I was beginning to think there were no quilters in New Hampshire....Alas, I was so wrong, this shop was packed to the gills with everything a quilter could want and lots of fabric on sale :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds so picturesque and perfect! Love the covered bridges. Glad you found out you were in quilt country after all :-)

Atir said...

I just love quilt shops.

Gabby said...

Looks like something you could do a puzzle of! So Americana!

Glad you are enjoying shopping and the view!