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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Bear and Granite State

This is beautiful Lake Sunapee.  It is a perfect day and everyone is enjoying the water.
Mary Ann's is a fifties restaurant here in Derry.  Waitresses wear poodle skirts and it is all oldie music.  PS.... the food is great as well.

Yesterday we went out to the coast.....NH does have a little bit of Atlantic Ocean coastline.  The have a huge sandcastle building contest.  Guess who won?

We went on Route 4 following Antique Alley.  There were so many antique shops I couldn't visit them all but enjoyed the ones I did visit.  I like to look at the old post cards from SC. 
This is Diamond the Samoyed dog we are house sitting.  Curtis just came up to the fourth floor where the computer is to tell me Diamond has been looking for me all over the house.  He has cataracts so it was slow going for him.  We will miss Diamond Dog when we head back to SC tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed our tour of NH; we sure did.  What is your favorite state to VISIT?


Gabby said...

That lake looks awesome! Can't wait until we get to go to a lake soon!

Cute doggie, have a safe trip home, glad you had fun!

Atir said...

He looks like princess but he is very big.