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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Home, Home on Governor Beasley's Range

 We were fortunate to attend a birthday party here at former SC Governor, David Beasley's compound near Society Hill, SC.  This lovely building is called the club house and is used as party central. 
 Here are my daughter-in-law, Niki and her Mom, Bill, with my granddaughter Hannah, poolside.
 This is one of three log cabins the Beasley's have for guests.  They are committed Christians and host get aways for college kids and others.
                                               This is the fireplace area in the cabin.
                       The downstairs bedroom which opens to a screen porch facing a natural waterfall.
                                     There is a claw foot tub under that shower curtain to the left.
                                           The kitchen.
                                           Upstairs, three beds which Mary Wood, David's wife had embellished.
                                             The barn is as nice as the house.
                                                       It even has a little bunk house with a quilt.
                                                                 One view from the barn.
                                                        Chickens in one of the paddocks.
                                               A toy war room for boys.
                                           The view from the porch at the Beasley's own house.

There was much more I didn't show.  The pitching machine tent....the skeet shooting range, three more ponds, dirt  bike tract etc...

I want to say I taught David and Mary Wood's oldest daughter Mary Hunter and they were more that nice in every dealing I had with them.  David goes around the world helping with humanitarian issues.  They are just the kind of people you want to have the nice things they have because they share freely  (they were in Colorado when the party took place.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks just like Ralph Lauren's ranch on Oprah...only way better 'cuz it's in the South!

Atir said...

So Beautiful.