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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Treasures of Society Hill, SC

Today I went to Society Hill, SC founded in 1726.
Although  I went there almost every day for a couple years when I was working at the library there; I never thought much about that date.  After being in New Hampshire and seeing the towns there brag about their founding dates which were much later I am newly impressed with Society Hill's early start.

My buddy, Mr. Ashton Gandy had invited me to come see the family quilts he had stored in a cedar chest in his house.  He only knew they had been made by his father's family.  Mr. G is 92 so I know they are old.
 This is Mr. G and his faithful dog, Tim who is a standard rat terrier; a good bit bigger than our toy Scout.
 This is one of the four upstairs bedrooms in Mr. G's big old southern home.  He was raised in this house with his four sisters (all living).

 The rest of the pictures are at the new and much improved Society Hill Library which will open to the public in a week.  These are librarians who have been working hard to move all the books into the library.  We had at least a thousand books stored other places because the former library was only 900 square feet.

It was truly wonderful for me to see this building FINALLY come into reality after MANY, MANY delays!


Atir said...

The quilts were just beautiful. The simple rooms not like our overloaded rooms nowadays with all the stuff and the beautiful handmade quilt made with love and patience as the centerpiece.
Congrats on the beautiful Library.I am so grateful for the libraries I have used all these years.
Borders is closing, How sad about these bookstores closing, I think I will boycott the kindells of the world forever.

Gabby said...

Nice redo of the library, and I am sure those quilts have stories sewn into their very fabric.

I can not wait to be floating in the lake beside you very soon!

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