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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazy Quilts

 This is an example of a piece of an antique crazy quilt  I bought a few years back.  Ever since I saw Judy Lily making one at Creative Sewing when I first started sewing again I have wanted to make one.
 The other day Graham Baker, a friend and fellow quilter came over and helped me make this block.  I have put a few embellishments (embroidery ribbons, lace, buttons and beads) on it but I have many more to add.
 The next day I made this block by myself.    I think it turned out okay.  Again much more embellishing to be added.
Today I made a run to Walmart to get the two empty plastic containers to put my stuff in when I go somewhere.  I love me some containers so it was big fun for me to splurge on them. Isn't Graham's crazy quilt gorgeous.  And all those lovely embellishments.....maybe one day I will have a post with my blocks looking half so spiffy.

In other news, I worked at Carolina Kids today.  We bagged food that will go home over the weekend with children who the school thinks might not get adequate food on weekends.  In each bag went: Ramen noodle cup, Vienna Sausage, two packs of instant oatmeal, two fruit drinks, a canned vegetable and a book.  Over three hundred bags will go home with students in Darlington County.

While we were bagging, a nice looking high schooler came in with his aunt to get some clothes.  He was tall and thin but they found a nice coat and a few other things that will fit.  I honestly thought he was picking out clothes for someone else.  Turns out his aunt is raising him.  When you are looking for people who need help you can't always judge a book by its cover.

Hubs is driving kids for the BHHB Wraps program.  Usually they are kids in foster care and he either is taking the kids for a two hour visit with the parent or vice versa.  A lot of the families have three and four kids in foster care.  I certainly don't know the answer to the problem of parents having kids and not caring for them.....but I do know God would want us to care and pray for them.

Those are a few things on my mind these days.....what is on yours?


Gabby said...

So proud of both of you for mixing your retirement passions (quilting and golf) with your passion for Christ (serving others through your time and efforts)!
I know that God honors sacrifice!

Love all the quilts you make, and my little one is chomping at the bit to finish hers, if we ever get a minute to spare we will do it!

Atir said...

The crazy quilt block you did is awesome. I love the white fabric in the center,

Anonymous said...

Love those crazy quilts. The embellishments are beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, YOU are a beautiful person for who you are and all the things you do to make the world a better place for others!

Graham said...

Your second block is great!!!
I am glad you are having fun with craZy quilting! I love it !
I like your blog and love the good works you are a part of !! Good Stuff!