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Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Meanderings

I just found this beautiful blog.  The full title is A Brit in Tennessee.  My friend Mary Bailey will love it because of its rich images and quotes and poetry.  My daughter Gabby will be inspired to buy her camera and use it in such a beautiful way.  Surely....there is such beauty right here in South Carolina, too.

On another note....Tuesday our Garden Club went to The Nursing Home.  It used to be Morrell  now it is owned by the Wilson Hospital Group.  Any way one of our favorite members is there....Mrs. Bernice Teal so we held our meeting there.  Pat (creative crafter) Hawkins, made up 15 gift bags for us to deliver to what ever resident  we desired.  I really didn't know any one but Mrs. Bernice so I just looked for a room with a lady in it.

The lady I found was Ruth Benjamin......from Byrdtown!  I quickly discovered she is Luke Benjamin's widow.  Mr. Luke worked for us on the farm and was the poorest happiest soul I ever met.  They lived in a wooden tenant house (aka shack) but he was always smilin and praisin the Lord.  Well, Mrs. Ruth has been at the nursing home 27 heard me right 27 years....both her legs are amputated at the thigh, she has had a stroke and her left arm is curled up on her chest but her mind is fine.

During our visit I found out that Alex Hunter is her grandson.  Alex was a good friend of my son Wayne in elementary  school.  He even went to Santee with us one weekend....when we went over the bridge on I-95 he  nearly freaked....he had never seen "big water".

One of the garden club members told me Mrs. Ruth likes Pepsi's and Juicy Fruit Gum.

I'm on it!  My heart and mind cannot forget this dear lady who has lain in a bed at the nursing home for 27 years.  I'll keep you dear readers posted.....and how about you lift her up in prayer.

Now what do we have to whine about?  Nothing.


Anonymous said...

I love how God works!! He hand-crafted that meeting especially for you and Mrs. Ruth. Can't wait to hear more updates on your visits to her.

You're right about A Brit in Tennessee. Beautiful words and images! And I definitely think Gabby needs to treat herself to that camera :-)

Gabby said...

That is so sweet, see, being a talker can pay off... you never know who you will come across in life! I will pray for that dear lady.

I will check the new blog, too!

Miss ya!

Atir said...

What beautiful music and pictures on the Brit in Tennesee.

What a story of inspiration, we need to count our blessings.