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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holy, Holy, Holy

Last week I attended a friend, Bernice Teal, funeral.  At the end, the congregation was asked to sing  the hymn"Holy, Holy, Holy".  This is a familiar hymn to me because my husband and I used to sing it with our boys when we put them to bed.  I don't remember why this became our tradition.

Today our "boys" are forty-four years old.  So hard to believe in some ways (they are still our little boys in our minds) and yet not in other ways (it does seem like a very long time ago that we were young parents.)

My devotion this morning was about Jesus being enthroned as the King of everything.  I began to picture Him in my mind as being in the throne room.  I really didn't have too good of an idea what a throne room looked like.

This is the image I found on Google images.  Then I began to imagine that I wouldn't be able to just run into this throne room and drop off  my prayer request and zip out.  I would probably have to show some ID to even get in the castle to begin with.  And does Jesus live in a castle..... if you know let me know.
                                This is the image Google had for Christ as described in Revelation.  Pretty fierce, eh?

My whole point is that Jesus is not still in a manger. The next time people on earth see HIM he will look like the image on the White horse.  And He is Holy, Holy, Holy,.....I need to approach Him as such.  Not like my best buddy.  What do you think?                                           

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