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Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a Holly Jolly Christmas

 It has been a busy couple of weeks around the old Donnadale Corral.  Last week Granny took us on a bus tour trip to Myrtle Beach.  First Stop:  Ripley's Aquarium Santa Style.
                                               I was glad to see Ol Frosty Out and About in the 75% weather :)
                                             Santa and his elves stopped long enough for a photo shoot.
                                   Even the fish were on their good behavior with Santa around.
                                           Last night Hubs and Granny went to Gates' Christmas Play.  Hubs took the pics so blame him if you don't know which one is Gates.  His Nana doesn't know either.
                                         Week before last I made this lovely baby quilt for a high school girlfriend's grandbaby due in April.   Wasn't I smart.  It WAS to be a girl named Maggie and I almost put her name on it.  Good thing I didn't............turns out it is a BOY.  Back to the drawing board/sewing machine.  I really don't mind.....Kathy makes the loveliest hand made greeting cards and sends them to me for every holiday.  Hey I need to do a blog of all her cards....because I surely do save them and display them from year to year.
This is a Christmas pin I made using the design of my friend Charlotte and the beading I learned at QSC.  It is going in the mail tomorrow for a Very Special Friend to wear during the holidays.
Amanda PolsonLast but certainly not least, I went to a celebration party yesterday for this lovely talented young lady, Dr. Amanda Polson.  She went to Plainview, my school, and got her doctorate in Molecular Biology at USC.  She is already employed in their Biology Department....but graduated TODAY!  Her Mom taught with me at Plainview and is one of the quality few in our little group called the Beach Bums......and yes we still get together!

Tomorrow we head to Berkeley County for our granddaughter Megan's Chorus Performance.

How Holly and Jolly is your Christmas so far?


Anonymous said...

Seems like you've been busy. And you're so good about taking your camera with you and posting fun pics! I need to be better about taking photos but George has always got the camera in his truck in case somebody kills a deer.

Gabby said...

I can not wait until I am off so I can enjoy a little more of the Holly Jolly mood. I just have one more work day this week, two next week, and then I am off until the New Year! Sweet!
The Christmas parade puts me in the spirit, but is our trip to Hollywild that really makes me know the day is coming fast. That and our SS Christmas party. I have been a little stressed, so sleeping late, baking, and getting some quality time with my peeps is top of the list for me. Great pics, and congrats to the graduate!