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Friday, December 2, 2011

My Tribute to Our Son Todd

Forty-four years ago this December 16,  my husband and I were blessed with twin boys.
Todd, the one on the left is the oldest.  He got sick in the hospital and has had a visual impairment since then.  Here the boys are sitting on the kitchen table in my parent's house having a bedtime snack.

 Todd has always loved sports and has always been a #1 Clemson fan.
 He was a cub scout and a Boy Scout.  He set a troop record by eating 12 hot dogs (rolls and all) at a camp out.
 Not only is he a Clemson fan he is a die hard Redskin fan as well.
 One time he had a "Clemson orange" cake for his birthday.  My good friend Marcia came to the party.
 This is him opening a birthday present with my Dad watching.  I would almost bet my Dad had tears in his eyes.  He was so proud of Todd for overcoming  his handicaps.
 Here Todd is looking snappy in his sweater vest.  My Mom and I and his brother Wayne were helping celebrate Todd's Greatgrandmother, MaMa's, birthday.  MaMa pitched a many a ball to Todd despite her advanced age and arthritis.
                                                               Looking snappy in his sweater!
                                                    Graduating from Coker.
                                                         First apartment!
                                                     First real job at Santee Canal State Park.
                                      Wedding reception with his bride Rose King Chapman.
                                                               First Family Picture with Michael.
                                                  A candid photo with Michael.
                                                                Coaching basketball at Upward in Columbia.
                                                   Todd's family, Megan, Rose and Michael.

I am so proud of my son.  He has endured many hardships but still laughs at his Mama's jokes and loves his Daddy's cooking and his Granny's cakes.   God Please Bless Our Boy. He has been a huge blessing to us.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, sweet tribute to your boy. Loved seeing all those pics.

Gabby said...

Yep, he is a great son, father, brother, hubby, and more!

The Real Aristocats said...

I think so too===love you Mom Dog