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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last Monday Hubs surprised me by getting me a vintage camper. I have been pestering my neighbor, former owner of the camper to sell it to me. No dice. A bit of a hoarder she likes to hold on to her stuff. Having lost most of her sight to macular degeneration this retired 78 year old special ed teacher succumbed to my husbands charms and gave the camper to him.
 Here she is folks.  Remember this is a BEFORE picture.  She will look glorious when "glammed" up.
 She has two cute little cubbies over her "dining" area with sliding wood doors.  The W stands for "White"  the last owner's last name....maybe.  There are the remains of press on letters on the back front and side and my best guess so far is "White".  (For those who like a mystery....the lady who gave it to me can't remember where or when she got the camper.  She does know she never camped in her.  This makes getting a title for her (the camper is female) interesting, maybe even challenging.  The first mystery we had to solve was what make, model and year of camper was she.  The Internet was a huge help in finding out she is a Holiday Trav'ler, 1961 vintage.  Hey, no comments,she is younger than me.
 Doesn't the site of this stove, sink and rectangular frying pan just make you want to eat a meal cooked in her?  One day she will be "state of the art" if my children's inheritance holds out.  Do note the stainless steel back splash.  Blue, her name, short for My Blue Heaven, was ahead of her time with the stainless!
 However her former owner opted for the copper colored fridge.  That was big in the 60's. Blue's hey day.  My mother-in-law still has her copper fridge, stove, oven, and dish washer.
 Under the lovely picture window in the rear will be a sofa cum bed.
 Hubs has repeatedly told me he is not working on Blue.  He is a liar.  Here he is working on her door. 
These are two pieces of ephemera that I found in Blue.  The kitchen shelf paper so cute.  Don't know who the pilot guy is?  Anybody have any ideas?

A shout out to Rose, Michael and Megan who helped clean the glamper last Friday.  Megan has volunteered to go glamping with me in her.  Any other offers?  Only the adventurous need apply.


Elaine Bullin said...

Love your new camper. Bet you have loads of fun in her. Hubby just wanted you to think he wouldn't work on it. I did a bunch of camping years ago and had a blast. Started with a tent but decided that was a tad bit dangerous in the OK storms so changed to a motor home.

Gabby said...

That looks like a member of the Bee Gee's singing group. No joke!
Well, there is lots of potential, and when you get in to a new thing you go full force, so I am sure it will turn out awesome! Too bed my hubs doesn't have more free time, he lives for working on stuff like that!
I have a real picture of you sleeping in that considering you and Daddy share a king size bed...
I can't wait to see your progress!

linpoq said...

Donnamo! Donnamo! Donnamo! You are somethin' else!!!

linpoq said...

Donnamo! Donnamo! Donnamo! You are somethin' else!!!