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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Glamper Fix-It Girl

Today, Saturday has been a big glamping day.  Lots of progress.  I am learning to use the battery charged screwdriver VERY successfully.  (A  woman must have invented this handy dandy device!)
 I removed the bunk over the "couch".  At 68 I am not too old to camp or glamp but I am not interested in bunking anywhere, anytime.   For dear daughter's info....this "couch" will be a comfy double bed when I am finished.  The other end will have another comfy double bed.= more room than our King size mattress.

This is just some of the junk we hauled our of Blue today. 
Yesterday Hubs and I went and scouted around Hartsville for Glamper supplies (electrical plugs).  We priced windows etc....  but at Browns RV we saw Hubs dream camper!  I taught the owner of Browns, Barry Brown, so Hubs was wheeling and dealing on this Starcraft lollapalosa camper. What is not to like about a fireplace, full size fridge, bathroom and roomy shower, queen size bed, two recliners and a couch? I had to drag Hubs out of there.
 Lexion 344LKTS
Meanwhile here I am under Blue.  We borrowed a "creeper" (thing I am lying on, has wheels) from Dean's Service Center for the weekend.  Hubs had trashed all protective eye wear he had so my Sally Jesse Raphael Glasses are serving the purpose.

In case you are wondering, and I hope you are, why I am under the glamper....see pic at left.  Some vine, it must have been wisteria has embedded itself in the frame and walls of Blue.  Unfortunately, I do believe we will have to take the siding off to rid her of this pest.

In case this looks like all work and no fun....these are the artifacts I found so far.  Two bird cages (one already gone to the DC Dump) a truck tag from 1981 and a 1972 dime.

Last but not least is a post card from Garden City Beach.  There was a fair amount of sand under the bunk mattress so I had already deduced Blue had been to the beach!  I didn't read every Nancy Drew for nothin' folks.
Stay tuned for more exciting adventures from Glamper Girl and Her Blue Heaven!


Anonymous said...

That's quite a project you have tackled! What fun. I can't wait to see more progress and see the finished product.

linpoq said...

Can't wait for more....keep the pix coming!

EJ & Roo said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see more!!
PS I have the entire collection of Nancy Drew books. :)

Christine said...

So Nice to Meet You! Thanx for stopping by. I am looking through your funny posts and enjoying my visit..How nice that your hubby is going along with your "glamper" that's funny, your hubby thinks your saying Clampit..when these trailers are "fresh" the way they are found...I can see where he got that..:D My husband actually enjoyed it... though I had to stay out of his way most of the time.."D He gets crabby when he is working on things...but he is real handy, since I am all thumbs when it comes to tools and such, I am usually just the cleanup , disposal crew.But, You, are doing alot of the nitty gritty Yourself! :D You Go Girl! I'm impresed for Sure! Can't wait to see how Blue turns out and will be back often, to see what progress you have made!
Much Luck with your Glamping Project!