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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilting and Praying for Zacaria

 One of the little girls in the group I am helping in the Kindergarten class has a little girl named Zacaria.  All of you former teachers out there know that was a pretty hard name to learn to read and write when you are a five year old.  But Zacaria has learned to read and write her name, can say her numbers to 100 and write them to 20.  She has had some trouble saying them backwards from ten but we are working on that.
 One of the hardest things to do has been to get her to talk.  We know she can but is reluctant to do so at school.  She hardly talked at all last year in our 4 year old class.  I talked to an expert in reading and writing and she said it is because children and adults of her ethnicity don't converse.  I think it may have something to do with the fact she is the only black child in the class.  Oracity is what they call the ability to talk fluently with well formed complex sentences.  The better they talk; the better they will read, according to research.  I now spend more time in conversation with Zacaria; not just working on skills but talking.  She is talking more.
I'm not sure who looks happier in this picture taken by her teacher.  I think maybe it is me.  Despite the closed eyes (she took two pics, my eyes are closed in both :(  it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see I am deliriously happy.   This little girl lives in a mobile home with many adults and many children.  Her Mom works second shift, 3-11 PM so she doesn't see her much.  So when you think about the Zacarias in this world.  Pray a prayer; and pray their teachers have the love and knowlege to light their step at a time.  Oh, and if someone asks you to give to Haiti, to Compassion International, do that too.


Anonymous said...

Awww, you have given me such a heart for sweet Zacaria, flowing from your own sweet heart! Would she like some books of her very own to take home with her? That would be a project I would like to do. Let me know!

Gabby said...

What a sweet face on that child! I got the magazine follow up from our Samaritan's purse Christmas boxes yesterday showing kids with their boxes. I bawled and bawled as I read it, and vowed to do more than two boxes next year.
We try to pray for sweet Happy every day.
I am so glad you made her that beautiful quilt, and I am CERTAIN GOD placed you there, if anyone can converse with a child and get her to chat... YOU CAN!