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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Two Saturdays

 Last Saturday I drove a car full of quilters up to Heath Springs, SC to The White House. A beautiful old house stuffed with fabrics and Jim Shore Collectibles.
                            Over the stove was this neat mosaic made of bits of china.  Very cool, huh?
 Daughter Gabby and fam came yesterday for the weekend.  I looked out to see Caitlin and Connor kibitzing at the little table where they used to play.  So cute and growing up way too fast.
 The cousins came over and Gates and Connor wrestled for at least an hour before chowing down on some of Pop Pop's boiled peanuts.
            Granny made Marty yet another Better Than Sex Cake; it gets it's name honestly around here.
 Hubs challenges Connor that he can do 50 sit ups.  We dial 911 before letting him begin.  He did 20.
       Connor left a sweet note and picture to tell us he's looking forward to spending Spring Break at Lake Wateree with us.
                                                Caity helps out on the family jigsaw puzzle.

                                     As usual we so enjoyed having our "children" home!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I love these glimpses into your life, especially seeing your children and grands.

P.S. Can Granny bake me a cake like that? LOL

linpoq said...

So good to get some family news and I always enjoy seeing their pictures! Boy! You're right.....those kids are REALLY growing up fast!!
Cheers to the C man for 20 sit-ups! WoW!!!