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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Four or Five Major Ideas

Today's Question is what four or five major ideas guide your life?

About a year ago I wrote these down and try to practice them when opportunity arises.

1. Don't refuse any opportunity to be generous.

    I try to keep this in mind when I get requests for money for mission trips, or Salvation Army kettle people or Girl Scouts selling cookies etc.....

2. Remember that God is the creator and sustainer of life and it is important to talk to Him and read the Bible daily.

3.  God has a mission for each life.  My mission is to be an example for my children, grandchildren, and those I teach.

4.  I also believe it is important for every believer to be involved in a church.

5.  Encouraging my husband in tithing, Bible reading, and prayer is also important to me.

So what is guiding you?


Caroline said...

I like all of your ideas. Mine, I guess, is to know God and love Him, to help my family know and love Him, and to take care of my family.

Gabby said...

Might I have a small donation to the summer camp and soccer fund?
I believe that was life principle number one.

1- Find my self worth in God not man. Might not be tough for everyone, but it is definitely hard for me sometimes.
2- The Bible is god breathed and is truth, it is useful for instructing and deciding how to live my life.
I need to read it a lot more than I do.
3- I only have my children for a short time, how clean my house is or how rested I am is not as important as spending quality time loving them, developinng their talents, and teaching them the love of Christ. We pray on the way to school, on the way to sports and activities (which is a lot) and every night before bed. We also pray on any trips because I learned that from my Momma.
Prayer works, that might be one of those life principles, too.
Faith will not disappoint.