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Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Adventures of Donnamo

Friday I got my June issue of Southern Living and found an article on the best BBQ restaurants in the USA.  I was shocked to find one in Hemingway, SC.  So Hubs and I made plans with some friends to go visit this restaurant on Saturday night.  Glen had worked in Hemingway a few years ago and was surprised he had not heard of this restaurant. (Clue 1)

When we got to Hemingway after an hour and a half ride, we went to the police station to find out where it was.  The police didn't know....they looked it up on the Internet (Clue 2) (Hemingway has a population of under a 1,000 people.....Clue 3)  The officer did volunteer that he liked Big D's BBQue himself. (clue 4)

A half a mile away we come upon this site....with the addition of a couple more African Americans in the door. (Clue 5)

What do you think we did?
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Gabby said...

I am really hoping you just bought a watermelon and ate that instead...

Caroline said...

I'm a little late to this, but my guess is that you parked and went in and ate a delightful lunch with some of the interesting locals. Am I right?