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Sunday, May 20, 2012


 The market has gone all fancy-smancy now....or at least part of it is enclosed.
 This is a game my daughter's family could play.....they go to Charleston lots and went to college there.
                                          Only Hubs talks to the horses.  He promised me a carriage ride NEXT
                                          time we go.
                                         This poor English bulldog was attracting a lot of attention.
                                            This is a French Bulldog....who wouldn't be caught dead in that get up.
                                          We ate breakfast at Toast where all waiters and waitresses wore hats.
                                             Waterfront park wasn't too busy since it was only 70 degrees.
Hubs and I got to getaway to Charleston for 24 hours.  He had to take a client to visit her son there so we used the opportunity to spend the night.  We used to go at least once a year on our anniversary but since the nest got empty we tend not to fly the coop as often.   Several things had changed.....the Market, NO Hagan Das bars dipped in chocolate and rolled in nuts :(  But many more had not....Waterfront Park.......The Days Inn.....the lovely window boxes everywhere.....the cobblestone streets, no parking, and good food on every corner.

Where is your favorite place to go and why?

I'm counting on my two readers to respond!!!


linpoq said...

Your hubs isn't the only one to talk to the horses.....mine does the same when we are in Savannah!

Gabby said...

I love Charleston, and we always go to Andolini's pizza on the same corner as when we were in college there almost 20 years ago!
We also love to go to Mount Pleasant to the sandbar at the beach Station 21 1/2. We love to go by the church we got married in, and walk by the college campus and all our old apartments.
Right now we are looking forward to going to Oak Island, our favorite family beach for 11 years and running...