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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Conincidence or Providence?

Yesterday my buddy Rita and I went on a road trip to the beach for her to get some cloth to finish her quilt.  We decided to go to California Dreaming for lunch.  When we parked a lovely blond woman came up and said "You two are so lucky....a huge coal truck was behind you and when he tried to stop he laid rubber all over the road."  We asked if it was our fault and she said  "No".

After lunch the waitress came and told us the blond lady had paid for our lunch.  When I went to thank her she told me God had told her to do it.  I asked if she was a Christian she said, Yes.  She said just pass it on some time.

When we left the restaurant to get back on Hwy 17 a young man was standing there with a sign saying, Out of Work, 9 month old baby.  We collected some cash to help him. 

Were these two things coincidences or the providence of God?

Today as I left school a parent passed me bringing her 4 year old.....I recognized her as a former student and spoke to her.....She said, "oh, Mrs. Chapman, I meant to call you, Sarah Barefoot is in the hospital and not expected to live.

I had brought my rose clippers to cut the roses from our school rose garden to take to Sarah on my way home from school.  So I went to Florence to the hospital and told her goodbye.

Was this a coincidence or the providence of God?

I do want to memorialize Sarah here.  She was an aide and bus driver at Plainview when I went to work there in 1989.  She was a neatnik like me and kept the supply closet and book room in apple pie order.  As a teacher, I did a lot of intricate assignments that required things being copied front to back, side by side, upside down and backwards.  Being librarian, Teacher for Chapter 1 Resource, Gifted and Talented,and 6th and 7th grade writing I needed all the help I could get keeping all those balls in the air and Sarah was a huge blessing.  When I became principal she was my right hand as well.  She had a stroke the year after I left and never walked or talked again.....but we could communicate.  When I visited she would write an initial and I would figure out who she wanted to know about and give her all the news I had.  I will miss our visits!

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Gabby said...

What a great reminder that God's hand is always on us! We can choose to make a difference every single day!
I think it is neat that this is Teacher Appreciation week and you wrote that tribute to her.
I am a room mom, and as tiring as this weekend was, I decided to go big. I planned a quirky theme for each day, and sent all the parents info. to make sure our teacher was well appreciated. We had Munchie Monday, Terrific Teacher Tuesday *everyone wrote a tribute in the style of Terrific kid, Wacky Wed., was supplies for her classroon, Thursday is special delivery lunch, Flower-power Friday, something that smells good to fill up her room and brighten her day.
I, for one, know that our teacher is a gift from God, and it is so important to remind them that we notice!
I know My MOM was a great one, too!!!! Even if I didn't appreciate it in Kindergarten!