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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Turning Thirteen

My oldest granddaughter, Hannah, turned thirteen Friday. When I realized I had never taken her shopping I invited her to go with me yesterday.  (You need to know my mother-in-law has always bought all my grandchildren more clothes than should be owned by any one child BUT she will only buy from that the children are older they want more popular clothes.)

We had fun going to all the "in" stores at our local mall (local as in Florence).  I had given her a respectable budget which she used wisely.  We shopped at Old Navy, Anthropologie, Charlotte Russe, Carolina Moon, Bath and Body, and a few more.  Without exception the clothes are cheap imports from third world countries.  This is probably fine for tweens and teens who won't wear them more than a season but I did not see one thing I would buy for myself.

When we got home, Hannah decided she wanted to make her Mom a present.  She decided to make her a heart shaped pillow using the sewing machine.  Then she decided to sew on buttons to spell the word  LOVE.  The fabric she picked was black with white squiggles so she raided my button box and found enough white buttons for L V & E and red buttons for the O.  She had never sewn on a button so it was an investment in time and effort to sew on 20 buttons so that they spelled the letters but she got it done. 

We had here birthday dinner here last night.  Unfortunately my camera battery was dead :( so no pic of the birthday girl or her pillow :(

DO you remember turning 13 or 16 and what you did to celebrate?

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Caroline said...

What a special time for you and the birthday girl. Hate that your camera wasn't working as I would love to see a pic of that pillow.

I don't remember turning 13 but I do remember it as being possibly one of my, ahem, crappiest years ever. I was awkward. Tall, skinny, bad skin, severe underbite, ugly glasses. Yuk!

My boy will be 13 in a little over a month and I am so glad I have a boy! He is nothing like I was, physically or emotionally, at that age. I wouldn't know what to do with a mini-me around here.