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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

Stockpile These 37 Food Items

I decided to check out the television show Doomsday Preppers after my blogging buddy Caroline mentioned it in her blog.  I had never heard of the concept.  Just in case you are as much in the dark as I was.....doomsday preppers are people who think Americans are doomed and soon.  They believe a foreign country or terrorist will launch a missile that will take out the electrical grid in the United States and that when that happens it will be dog eat dog so to speak.  We will all need to hunker down in our homes or basements or vaults, fully armed so we can shoot any of our neighbors who come to get the food and water we have stored away for ourselves.  The episode of the tv show showed a family who had a vault in the floor of their garage with enough room for four of them and their food to live 60 days.  After sixty days they were going to walk 20 miles at night to where their boat was anchored.
Really? yes, really!

I mentioned this to my two college buddies I play Scrabble with; guess what?  One of them is a "prepper" and knows many more in Hartsville! 

I did tell her I am counting on the rapture to take me out before I'm faced with this....she advised me to start collecting food.  (She is not a believer in Christ or heaven or hell.)

On thinking about the possibility of no food, no water, neighbors attacking......I think the Christlike reaction would be to share what we had even if it means death.  For us, death is a beginning, not an ending.

What are your thoughts?

For my avid readers.....the mystery of the missing cell phone was harm no foul.


Caroline said...

Glad I inspired you to write this cool post! I love the show Doomsday Preppers because I just have kind of a horrified fascination with it. It was actually on FB that I mentioned it and I think I offended my cousin who is somewhat of a militant prepper.

I LOVE your response about the rapture taking us home before any of this happens. Wouldn't that be...heavenly?

However, the show has inspired me to want to "prep" just a little bit. Not because I think the an earthquake is going to separate the continents or that the poles are going to switch places (how nutty is that?)

But I can foresee some kind of economic catastrophe happening. So, I'm not stocking up on gold or silver but I would like to have more ordinary, everyday stuff. Kind of like the stuff people stock up on in that show Extreme Couponers: bottled water, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, canned goods, pet food, toilet paper, etc.

Sorry for such a long comment. Interesting topic!

Caroline said...

Ha! Just checked out your link to the 37 Food Items. Dang that man for not just telling us and wanting to make a buck for sharing his insider know-how! I hope those 37 food items include things like vienna sausages and beanie weanies b/c those are the kind of stuff I'm thinking of! lol