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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Weirded Out

Thank you all for being concerned.  We have notified the Rock Hill Police but they say the name the man gave us was in their criminal database and has been living in Fort Mill, SC.  But  there is nothing that they can do unless he continues to harass us.  Right now have no proof he came to the Lake House....all we have is the text on Connor's phone and "Tell me where you put it" a pretty innocuous text so the police were not all that alarmed.

We, however, have been getting at least one call every the time we get to the phone and answer they hang up.  The bedroom phone does not have caller ID so there is no help there.

So far no more messages on the kids cell phones.  I hope this is over!


Caroline said...

The police didn't find it strange that the man had Connor's cell phone number? How did he get it? Seriously creepy.

linpoq said...

AND how did he get your home number if he's the one calling at nite!?!?!? Want me to come sleep on the couch and answer those nite calls? Caller ID somewhere, I know from your pick-up to my calls!