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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wierded Out

Last week at the lake, the kids were watching episode 59 of Saved By the Bell,  and I was washing dishes when there was a knock on the door.  When I answered a nice looking young man wearing a pink polo shirt stood there.

"I am sorry to disturb you, Mam" he said politely, "but I just wondered if you guys had found a cell phone somewhere in the house?"  He went on to explain that his family had rented the house the week before us and he couldn't find his phone once he got home.  I took his name and home number and promised to call if we located the phone.

When my daughter came in from the pier I told her about our visitor.  "That is strange" she said, "I thought the owners used the house the week before us......but maybe I got it mixed up."

Throughout the week we kept an eye out for the cell phone but never found it.  Later it dawned on me if he had told us the cell number we could have called it and listened for the ring.  Oh well, he has probably found it by now, I thought and forgot about it until a few days after we got home when Ashli called and told me her son had gotten a text from the guy that said, "Tell me where you put my phone."

How had this guy gotten Connor's cell number and why was he calling him about the phone.  We aren't sure but we are weirded out.


Caroline said...

OK, I'm officially freaked out from reading this story! If they don't already have them, tell Gabby and her husband to get pistols and practice target shooting. I'm serious. And, very seriously, I will be praying that this weirdo goes away and whatever he's up to will be thwarted.

Gabby said...

Did you dream that? I am seriously worried about you.

linpoq said...

THIS REALLY WORRIES ME!!!! Any more contact and y'all contact the proper authorities!