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Thursday, June 14, 2012

 The kids I work with during the year have the opportunity to have five weeks of summer school so they will maintain the gains they made during the year and maybe make even more progress.

The regular classroom teacher, Marcia Anderson, teaches them most of the time but I take over when she has a trip or vacation planned.

This summer my granddaughter, Hannah Chapman, age 13 and a born teacher has helped me....I don't think I could have managed without her!  Her brother Gates, age 6, joined our class as well.

The teachers have pretty much passed by painting at school nowadays.  It is a pain but I wanted them to paint.  They really did well today....not much mess at all.

 This is Hannah and her favorite child.

 This is Gates.
 This is me with some green playdoh hair made using the extruders I brought.  They really got off on using the extruders.  Look em up if you don't know what they are.
This child said Hannah is his girlfriend.  I can't give names of children due to privacy laws.  After VBS last week (Hannah helped me there too) I am ready for a long summer's nap until I go fill in again in mid July.

The sweetest thing happened during lunch.  One of the kids said, "I love God!" soon they were all chiming in, "I Love God, too!"  Then one said, "I am a Christian...."  and another said, "I am too"
They are not ashamed of their faith!  Our school district is under a federal injunction because one of our high schools had a faith based assembly last period ......a student's parent sued the we are no longer allowed to say lead the children in the blessing or mention God etc.....but the children can initiate prayer or mention God....just not the teacher.  
Did you go to Kindergarten?  What was your favorite part?


linpoq said...

Back in the saddle again, I see!

I, too, spent some time at school this week. Thank goodness my "young" teacher friends call on me occasionally!

No kindergarten in my day.....

Caroline said...

I had not heard about the parent suing the school district---that stinks!

You are such an awesome teacher. Those children are so lucky to have you! You deserve a long vacation this summer. Any house-sitting in your plans?

I loved 4K b/c it was only a couple of days a week. Regular kindergarten was harder. It was only a half day, but it was EVERY day and I missed my mommy. I had an excellent teacher though and enjoyed it for the most part.