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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilt Show

Today we opened our guild quilt show. I was on the committee; we chose the theme "Quilting in the Carolinas". My best friend won Best of Show, Best Art Quilt, and a second place for Best Applique. Some how I missed taking a picture of it....or my beaded quilt.

 This block is called Mariner's Compass.  My friend Tish had it mounted in a box with a turtle and Posidon.

                                          This quilt won a first for best use of theme.
                                         My friend Graham did this awesome Crazy Quilt.

                                           This one won for Best Applique.

                                           This is a gorgeous large crazy quilt.  One of my quilts is behind it.
                                                  This was a King Size... all hand quilted and appliqued.

   Our grandson learned to shoot Hubs 22 rifle today. Pop Pop has him on Squirrel Patrol since the squirrels ate all the plums on his plum trees. One down.....104 to go :)

                  Hubs and Michael also went to 4 Hole Swamp and caught the red breasts pictured above.  I am not sure who is having the most fun.....Pop Pop or Michael.


Caroline said...

Love those quilts, especially the one shaped like South Carolina. Can't wait to go see them in person!

Your hubby is just like my daddy---on a mission to get rid of all the squirrels! Glad he and Michael are having a good time together.

linpoq said...

Oh, man!! Beautiful quilts and beautiful fish all in one post!

I really liked the South Carolina one. You can't take SC out of the girl!! I LOVED the crazy quilt!

Can't wait to take the Emster fishing!

Gabby said...

Love the black and pink the most!!

Gabby said...

Love the black and pink the most!!

Gabby said...

I think you will love this post and the crafty things. Check out the quilted coasters. Too cool.
I love the numbered keychains, and erasers, too.