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Friday, July 13, 2012

Sewing Camp

For a few days this week I got to attend Sewing Camp with my granddaughter Caitlin.  The Extension Office in York County has hosted the 2 week camp for about 25 year.  Week one is for beginning sewers; week two for advanced.  Last year Caitlin went to beginner camp and made a pair of shorts. 
This year she made a top/dress with set in sleeves, gathers, and buttons.  Local ladies come and partner with the girls to guide them through the process.

 The girls have show and tell to share any thing they made at home.  This lovely red head is Lucy turns out her grandparents are good friends of ours.  Her granddad and Curtis often hunted and fished together.
The importance of pressing your work is stressed.

This is Caitlin using the serger. I had never used one so she made sure to teach me how it is done.

We went out to lunch after Sew Camp at a great place called Garden Gate.  It had lots of interesting decor inside and out....And the food was yummy.

The girls have a fashion show on their last day.  The Women's Club of Rock Hill hosts the event and provides the refreshments.  The Chocolate Fountain was a big hit with all of us :)

Here are some of the other girls in her class wearing their creations.

I have to say the Extension Agent, Margie, and all the "Sewing Ladies" were so very welcoming to me.  They invited me to lunch with them, we exchanged email addresses and they made me promise to come back next year.  Caitlin wants to do it again so I am looking forward to us sewing together and sharing this fun experience.  My BFF wants to do this here in our county so one day next year you may see a post about another Sewing Camp.

Meanwhile, what have you been up to this summer?


Caroline said...

This looks like so much fun! Glad you got to participate in it with your girlie. She is so talented. I know that must make you proud! As I told Gabby, I wished I had learned those kind of domestic "arts" as a child, but I didn't. Caitlin is off to a great start!

My summer? It's a been a little surreal. Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime (if you can find a free moment!) and talk. I love you and I miss seeing you! Love having your hubby in our SS class. You don't know how much it means to the younger adults like us with young children to have older and wiser people, like your hubs and the Milsaps in there to offer guidance and support and truth about life. We are so very blessed to have them!

Gabby said...

Well, she had an absolute blast at camp. Several of her friend's Moms have asked me about the camp, saying their daughter was interested for next year after they heard about the chocolate fountain at the fashion show, I mean, saw her cutie pie dress!

She also LOVES her new lampshade and told me her BFF said, "It doesn't even look homemade!"
High praise from an 11 year old.Thank you for all your help. It is a great camp, and I am so blessed we found it!
Next week? Performing Arts camp, cheerleading, gymnastics. Well rounded girl, I guess!