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Monday, August 6, 2012


Listening to Midday Connection, a radio program on Moody radio, last week Gordon and Gail MacDonald talked about the importance of living intentionally with God and holding ourselves accountable.  These are the the Vows I am choosing to make.  Of course, you, God and I know I will not keep them perfectly but these are the things I think are important and will review often to see how I am doing.

My Vows

Thank God at meals
Study the Bible daily

Pray daily
Attend Sunday School and Church

Do not listen to or repeat gossip
Seek to have a relationship with our

Children, grandchildren, and my brothers

Give tithes and offerings regularly and

Be  generous at other opportunities

Lay up treasure in heaven not material
Things on earth

Honor my husband in words and deeds

Eat healthily and exercise

Serve God in the ways He directs

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

Tomorrow I will post Gordon's suggestions for assessing your (my) inner life.

Can't remember who said "an unexamined life is not worth living" you remember?

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