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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Assessing My Inner Life

As I said yesterday, these assessments were suggested by Gordon MacDonald.

Assessing My Inner Life

Where am I presently with God?

Am I comfortable with him?

Is Jesus my Lord or am I running my life

And expecting Him to follow me around?

Are there any open wounds from the

past that I am carrying around with

me? (anger, regrets)

Where did I get off track today?

Listen to my heart daily…..if a memory

Comes up….do I need to repent?

Forgive? Be more thankful? Is there

A deeper meaning?  In the Old

Testament God often says remember.

The past is a great library to inform

My life.

What is driving me today? Money,

My job? My call?

How thankful am I today? Am I a

Steward who appreciates things

Or an owner who expects things?

Can I trust my feelings? Are my

Emotions appropriate?  I may need

To ask those around me.

What intimidates me? Someone

Smarter, richer, prettier, higher

Social status?

What is my status with the key

People in my life?

How do I come across to people

Who first meet me?

What am I doing with my mind?

What am I reading?

What is my work ethic? Housekeeping?

Lazy? Sloppy? It refects on Jesus.

What is my attitude on generosity?

Am I selfish?

Comments????? Anyone?????

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