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Friday, November 16, 2012

  Hi, long time no see!  I just haven't seen or done anything blog worthy in the last.....can it be three or so months.  Now I find I have forgotten the logistics of blogging :( 
Yesterday my quilting buddies, also known as The Honey Bees met at Tish's house to celebrate her 71st  birthday  I had heard about her house but had not seen for myself the wonders there of.  Tish has many, many collections in her home.  One of her foremost is collecting antique you will see them strategically placed throughout her home.
She is also a quilter so there are some really lovely quilts on display as well.  I love this one!  She changes them out with the season so this is a Fall quilt.  I love the borders and the blocks.
Her husband, Donald, now deceased, and her son Chris, made this gorgeous wreath.  They wound copper and brass around the grape vines.  I like the two crows sitting beneath it AND the gorgeous mantle cover.  I intend to find out where she got  the pattern so I can make one for my mantle.
Another of Tish's nifty ideas is to gut old clock and display collections in there.  These are mother of pearl buttons ensconced.
She loves sayings (me, too) so here is one lovely large one.  The small black one under it says....I took the road less traveled and now I don't know where I am!  Love it!
Tish's lovely daughter Kathleen, made this copper fish with banyan leaves.
And this my friends, is my friend Tish Von Hagel.  Tish was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, which is the sister-city to my hometown Washington.  She loves Maryland crabs as much as I do.  IF you look carefully in the background  of this and the next pic you will see parts of Tish's library room.  Love it!
Tish also makes and collects egg dioramas.  The one below is a swan with her wing raised.  Inside is a tiny man carrying a tiny woman. ( I've forgotten what story that represents.)
Well, at this point my blog refused to load any more pics so I will continue the tour next time.

Please tell me what do you collect besides dust?  No comments = No blog....I'm just saying!

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