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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Part Two of Tish's Collection

This is a three egg diorama Tish and Donald fabricated.

Tish likes Rocks!  This collection extends to various stations around her house.  Each sample is labeled with where it came from.  If you tell Tish you are going on a trip, she is sure to ask you to bring her some rocks.

Tish hollowed out a large book, and installed shelves for some of her tiny objects d' art.

This is a jigsaw puzzle laminated and mounted in the Western Room.

More of her Western Collection.

Lastly a quilt with various fabrics featuring peas.  The label in the middle says "No more Peas, Please!" I hope you have enjoyed the virtual tour of SOME of Tish's collections.


Ashli said...

I am hoping fourth time is the charm with comments!
I love the quilts and all the tiny things.
I have learned that I am a decorating minimalist. I don't know why or how I became this way, but it is me.
I have to have open countertops, and some free space on every shelf.
I have been delaying Christmas decorating this year for two reasons: 1) I feel like my house looks too "full".
2) a certain black lab named Tilly with an affinity for chewing.

Donnamo said...

I have tried to disable all the disabling comment thingys. I know where you get your minamalist genes.....Granny, LOL!

Think you will need minamalist high decorations unless you want teeth marks on them or a big vet bill :) Love that Tilly girl! We are taking Scouty to Florida...she is begging for a bikini so she can even out her spotty tan :)