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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Small Town in the South

 Today our Garden Club journeyed to nearby Cheraw, SC.  Our program planners had gone ahead of us and scheduled us for some music, some shopping, and some eating.  A winning combination.

We visited in Weaver's Barber Shop and listened to Mr. Weaver sing some Christmas favorites and play his guitar.  Only in a small town in the South.
 His front window displayed a nativity for all to see where his sentiments lie.  Only in a small town in the South.
We visited a darling Antique Shop jammed packed with goodies.  I was so entranced I forget to take pictures of all the things that called out to me for me to take them home.

Alas, my pocketbook had to remain snapped
shut with Christmas looming 14 days away and the bills coming not far behind.

Then I have to confess this blogger fell into a trance at Mary's Eatery and forgot to take any more picture :(  I will have to rely on my writing skills to describe the delightful meal I had.....some good country cooking....rutabagas, candied yams, fried chicken, biscuits, corn bread, pickled beets and a carrot cake jelly roll all for a low, low $7.00.  Only in a small town in the South.

Then we went over to Sue's Florist to watch a demonstration of how to make one of the newfangled wreaths.  Sue is a Hartsville native and my dear MIL taught her and all her brothers and sisters.  There were a lot of stories swapped while the wreaths were made to the purchasers specifications.  Only in a small town in the South.

All in all it was a good trip with good friends......the kind you make in a small town in the South.

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linpoq said...

OOOOOOH!! I feel the need for a trip to Laurens to see my bro' and old friends!