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Friday, December 14, 2012

At Home and On the Road

 Yesterday, my quilt group came to our house for our Christmas celebration.  Alice is holding the "Smoking Jacket" she made for her grandson to wear in his school play.  Sewing Grandmas get called into service for this kind of thing.  I think she stayed up all night turning it out.....but it was very nice.  There was discussion of why a smoking jacket would be used in 2012 but Alice hadn't yet been to the play so she didn't know.  All she knew was "one smoking jacket" due Dec. 13th for the production last night.
 This is a partial pic of the food we gobbled; I mean tasted thereof.  See that 8 layer chocolate cake.....Yummo!  What is not easily seen is the fruitcake on the cook top.  Our fearless leader, Tish, commented she hoped nobody liked fruitcake so she could eat a lot of it and take the rest home.  Au contrair......we ALL love fruitcake and she was lucky to get a half a piece.  Fortunately, the fruitcake maker, Helen, cut 2 pieces for Hubs and I and hid them in the freezer.  Quilters are very smart that way :)

 After the party Hubs,MIL, and I drive pell mell to Moncks Corner for the grandchildren's programs at their schools.  On the left is Megan, our 5th grade granddaughter who had the lead in the play and a lot of lines.

 Her school is, Henry Bonner Elementary, and this was the second time I've visited.  This event was not just  Christmas Program it was to showcase their Academy of the Arts program which include, drama, dance, music, and art.
 These students did a wonderful dance excerpt from The Lion King.  Maybe one day one of them will appear on So You Think You Can Dance!
Parents and Visitors were invited to visit the "arts" classrooms.  This is a pic of the Music Classroom.  I've been in a few elementary music classrooms in my day and I can spot the classroom of a talented, passionate music teacher.

What programs have you been to lately and what were your thoughts?  My daughter's blog has a tale of one program you can be glad you missed...check it out at

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