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Monday, December 31, 2012

I Talk Too Much ! ? !

Wendy, a blogger at The Little Book Store at Stoney Gap, said that the last post of a year is supposed to be a confession.  My title is mine.  I know it is true; I truly vow to be quiet, listen more, not interupt etc.... I just don't DO it.

When I got back on my treadmill,  Tred, Saturday, put away the Christmas CD's I'd been running to and grabbed an oldies CD a friend's husband made for all the Coker "girls" aka old ladies...

When the song, You Talk Too Much, came on.....the Holy Spirit said....this one's for you, Donnamo.

Here are the lyrics;

You talk too much
You worry me to death
You talk too much
You even worry my pet

You talk too much.....

You talk about people you don't even know
You talk about people where ever you go
You talk too much....

You talk about people you've never seen
You talk about people you make me scream
You talk too much....

Alas, too true.

I want to defend myself and say I am a PEOPLE person.  PEOPLE stimulate me.  If I am with people I turn into "Chatty Cathy".......especially after a cup of coffee and any sweets.  If I were being questioned by the police, they would just have to give me those two things and I would confess every thing I ever knew; even things I swore never to tell.  (Warning: Never tell me anything of a TOP SECRET nature!)

In case I missed God's point with the song.  Today my devotion heading was "Choose your words Carefully."

The author had learned was a missionary who had to learn one of the African languages.  He mispronounced a word and told about Hezekiah, "the monkey of Judah!"

"We need to choose our words as carefully as if we were picking golden apples from a silver bowl.  We may not have trouble picking the right work but sometimes we speak to quickly and regret what we've said.  We should think before we speak and receive wise words with a good spirit."

This is the time for Annic Dillard's prayer......HELP! God I cannot do this alone.  Pray for me.

Anything you need to confess publicly or privately?  God's ears bend low to hear the cries of the repentant.  Selah.


Caroline said...

I'll keep my confessions private between me and God, thank you very much!

I don't think you talk too much. When you get really chatty it really makes me laugh---and other people laugh, too--which is a wonderful thing!

I have been convicted at times of not HOW MUCH I say, but the words I am using. The Bible says a lot about it. I'll look it up and pray on it, too.

linpoq said...

My daddy didn't say much, but when he did we listened! That's a lesson in itself!
When my boys were growing up, he said that if I kept my ears and my heart open and my mouth closed I would learn a lot more!
Maybe I'll keep that in mind for 2013.